Bike-friendly city in progress

Bike-friendly city Rotterdam
Hundreds of kilometers of bicycle paths and lanes. As a bike-friendly city, Rotterdam is very easy to explore. 

Bike & fun destination

Tour bikes, racing bikes, e-bikes, cargo bikes. They all share the same red colored, often asphalted biker paths and lanes. 70,000 Rotterdam citizens use their bikes, daily.

Also for recreational users our hometown is definitely a fun destination. All architectural and cultural highlights are easy to reach by pedal-powered two-wheelers.

Let’s battle Copenhagen

Residents recently appreciated cycling conditions  with a 7 (on a scale of 10). So accessibility for cyclists is good, but improvement is still possible. That’s why Rotterdam is working on a high-quality network for urban- and recreational cycling.

There will be more and better bike-friendly paths and lanes. It will be easier and safer to park your bicycle. The best part is, cyclists are getting more priority in traffic. This makes cycling less strenuous and more fun.

Rotterdam aims to be best Dutch bicycle city in 2018. We say: raise that bar! Let’s battle Copenhagen, often called most bike-friendly city in the world. The Danish capital provided more than a thousand kilometers of cycling trails, coordinated traffic signals, and footrests and handrails at junctions.

Rotterdam bike-friendly parking near Central Station

Convenient city-cycling

We ourselves also ride our bikes regularly. When the working day is done, we go into town for a bite and a beer. No traffic jams, no parking stress, for us city-cycling is a nice way of relaxing.
On sunny days, we hop on our bikes, heading for the Kralingse Plas (our own Central Park!), the Wilhelmina Pier, or the Rotterdam harbour area.

Rotterdam is such a vibrant bike-friendly city, we are always surprised by new things to see.

Rotterdam bike paths and lanes used daily by thousands of citizens

Bike-friendly renting

If you are here for a short stay, renting a bike is the best way to see a lot. Probably even more than using any other form of transport. It is easy and inexpensive. You can rent a bicycle for about 8 euros a day!
Exploring the city on a guided tour is also great fun. Guides take you on the road and introduce you into the stories behind the city, in your own language.

Innovative bike racks for easy street parking

There are just a few cities in the world that have created a flexible system to reduce on-street parking and provide more space for cyclists: fietsvlonders. Rotterdam has done exactly this. Car-shaped bike racks have become viral, accommodating bikes instead of cars, but they are mostly removed after several months. Rotterdam created a system to provide in a long-term convenience for cyclists.

Fietsvlonders permanent bike racks

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