Boothstock 2015

Boothstock blog headerThe 2015 edition of the Boothstock Festival was held on Saturday, the13th of June.

Boothstock 2015 line-up

These are just a few names of DJ’s you could see on stage.

Techno wizard Ben Sims, chief of UK Garage DJ EZ, one of the founders of House Todd Terry, hometown giants Michel de Hey and ROD, Groove Masters Detroit Swindle and Kraak & Smaak, Hardsoul supplier Roog.

Boothstock Festival Rotterdam line-up
Ben Sims, Todd Terry, DJ EZ, Kraak & Smaak, ROD, Michel de Hey, Technasia, Detroit Swindle, Grant Nelson, Egbert Live, Roog, Lucien Foort, Gomes, Joran van Pol, Mark Radford, Karim Soliman, Irwan, Lady Bee, Jeremaine S, D-Ribeiro, Blaize, Simon Titus Live, Noizboiz, Jasper Clash, Brother in the Booth, Mike Scot, Randy van Velde, Brothers in Deep, MC Stretch, MC Marboo, MC Vin-e.