Controversial artwork in front of Central Station

Art impression Kissing Earth ‘Kissing Earth’ is the name of the artwork, that will be placed in front of the new Central Station, autumn 2015. But it’s already controversial.

London and New York art
Artist Olafur Eliasson sketched two globes, touching each other at the site of Rotterdam. And a five-member committee chose his work unanimous out of several designs. Eliasson became world famous with his monumental installation ‘The Weather Project’ at the Tate Modern (2003) and is known for his public works in cities such as London and New York.
The globes will be partly made of reflective material and will be illuminated in the dark. The Danish/Icelandic artist explains his work as a connection between ‘local’ and ‘global’ issues.

Round shapes, balls, circles
A poll of the Algemeen Dagblad newspaper shows not everyone is exited. Some prefer another statue, some just want an empty square without distraction of the Central Station design. Supporters on the other hand appreciate it as a nice addition to the wide variety of art objects in Rotterdam City. They see it as a symbol that perfectly fits a real metropolis.
We did some research on Olafur Eliasson to understand the design he proposed for the Central Station square. Round shapes, balls, circles are recurring themes. The globes are clearly an extension of his previous work. This research certainly increased our enthusiasm.

Billionaire Cees de Bruin
The assignment was to create an iconic image, that wil be cherished by everyone in town. “This of course takes time, but it will happen in the end”, says billionaire Cees de Bruin, chairman of the committee. Despite the controversy the committee has already announced Eliasson can continue developing his ‘Kissing Earth’. There’s 1 to 1.5 million euros needed to implement the project. Rotterdam City provides half a million euros, the remaining amount still must be raised.

Art impression Kissing Earth by Olafur Eliasson
Art impression Kissing Earth by Olafur Eliasson