Cosmopolitan by nature

tourists from many different countries at 'de Markthal'Yes, it’s obvious. Rotterdam is in the center of international attention. During a short visit to the Markthal a few days ago, we noticed a lot of foreign tourists. More than ever before!

Enthusiastic foreign tourists
All those enthusiastic tourists from Russia, Japan, Spain, Germany and the United States (among others) enhance the international status of Rotterdam City, that’s already quite cosmopolitan by the nature of her population. Rotterdam is the home and workplace for residents from more than 170 nations. This great mix of people and traditions has enriched the city with an inspiring and dynamic cultural scene.

International students and expats
Rotterdam is a diverse community with different groups of people living, working and studying. Our population exists from a wide variety of countries including Dutch Antilles, Suriname, Cape Verde, Turkey, Morocco, China and many more. International students and expats are also part of our multicultural population.
We experience Rotterdam as a welcoming and confident city with an open spirit, not afraid to embrace diversity. We are sure tourists will catch a glimpse of that positive vibe, during their stay in Rotterdam City. That same positive vibe you can feel in the Markthal.

(Enjoy some of the pictures we took during our visit a few days ago!)

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