Cozy Christmas atmosphere

People shopping near departmentstore De BijenkorfNow winter has begun, it could please us with a thick layer of snow, as sung in the evergreen “Dreaming Of A White Christmas” by Bing Crosby. Well, keep on dreaming.

Rare severe winter scenes
Here in Rotterdam the word ‘evergreen’ is very literally applicable. The last time we had a white Christmas, is many years ago. Since 1901 the Netherlands had a real white Christmas only eight times!

Our winters are mostly mild. Particularly in Rotterdam. Only a half hour drive from the Norh Sea, this city is embraced by a pleasant, sea climate. So true winter scenes are not included. Dutch wintersports fans travel to neighboring countries in order to have fun on the slopes.

Exquisite Christmas storefronts
Fortunately, there’s still a cozy winter atmosphere in the city. Many trees are decorated with lights and stores decorate their windows in Christmas style. So reason enough to visit the city in wintertime for a nice weekendtrip, a mid-week vacation or even longer. This festive season began a few weeks ago under the telling title: Turn On The Lights, presented by department store ‘de Bijenkorf’. Outside the building the French theatergroup Compagnie des Quidams surprised us with the imaginative act Herbert’s Dream. And after a thrilling show we finally could admire their exquisite storefronts, surrounded by thousands of captivating lights.

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