Frans Lanting’s Dialogues With Nature

Frans Lanting Wildlife PhotographerThis summer the Nederlands Fotomuseum presents a major retrospective of wildlife photographer Frans Lanting.

Wonderful wildlife adventures

Over forty years Frans Lanting photographs wild animals, landscapes, flowers, sea life and more. In search of a better understanding of nature, Lanting operates all over the world. Never afraid of harsh conditions. Documenting nature in all its purity, demands patience and living by the rhythms of it.

Lanting once told, as a child he was influenced by The Wonderful Adventures of Nils (Holgersson) by Selma Lagerlöf. No wonder, his work is all about understanding earth and its history.

Frans Lanting exhibition Dialogues of Nature
Frans Lanting Nederlands Fotomuseum

Frans Lanting’s most famous projects

The exhibition Dialogues With Nature includes photographs of five of Lanting’s most famous projects. Images of the Eye to Eye project are really impressive. For this one Lanting stood face to face with animals like monkeys, lions and elephants. His LIFE Project, offers a passionate interpretation of the history of life on earth.
His early work The Magic of Reality features the Kralingse Plas, where Lanting often came as a young photographer. Inspired by the work of Japanese haiku poets, this series seems the start of a lifelong career.

Frans Lanting The Magic of Reality

World Press Photo Award

Frans Lanting can easily be called one of the best nature photographers of our time. His astounding work has been featured in well-known magazines like Time and National Geographic. He won prestigious prices like the World Press Photo Award for Nature and BBC Wildlife Photographer of the year.
If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Lanting is our eyes. He shows us nature’s grace, teaches us the art of seeing.

Frans Lanting art of seeing
Frans Lanting exhibition Rotterdam

Animals up close

Although raised in Rotterdam, Lanting now lives in California. After finishing his study, he left for the United States. Nowadays he owns a studio and a gallery in Santa Cruz. Asking him about his exhibition in Rotterdam het recently said: “There has been exhibitions of my work all over the world, but this one is very special to me.”

Frans Lanting captures animals up close, as if he shoots portraits of people. We never saw the world of wilderness and wildlife in such an epic exhibition. This collection of images is like an anthem for Mother Earth. We can admire earth, but at the same time, we have to take care of her. So she is never lost.

Frans Lanting animals photography
Frans Lanting Life Project

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