Gay bars guide Rotterdam for a great night out

Anyone who says that Rotterdam doesn’t offer a varied gay nightlife is so wrong. Okay, perhaps our gay-scene is less striking and pronounced than in Amsterdam. Yet Rotterdam has a great diversity of gay entertainment. This gay bars guide Rotterdam helps you to have a great night, and to meet like-minded people.

Rotterdam gay bars guide 2019-2020

More and more Rotterdam appears in lists of popular travel destinations. And even in the list of emerging prides, our hometown is often mentioned. In addition to an exuberant range of gay bars, clubs, and cafes, a major PRIDE-event is organized every year. Every September for a week Rotterdam celebrates the freedom of sexual, gender, gender and cultural diversity.

Since our city has its own Rotterdam Pride, the gay hospitality industry has grown considerably in volume. Without exaggerating we dare to state that Rotterdam has a gay-tolerant nightlife. But to our surprise, we discovered that a good overview is missing. So we made a list of gay bars, clubs and cafes for everyone who is unfamiliar with our city.

The order of this gay entertainment list is totally random. The most favorite pubs or bars depend on your personal taste. The Rotterdam gay scene is characterized by a wide range of entertainment venues. So read our short descriptions and choose where you would like to go. There is something for everyone. So enjoy our Gay bars guide Rotterdam.

FERRY, popular grand café and club

FERRY Rotterdam is a grand café, stage and club in one. The atmosphere can best be described as cozy/urban. This is the perfect place to enjoy a drink with friends. There is even a small but varied menu. The kitchen offers surprising dishes, ranging from simple snacks to a few culinary but affordable delights. Ferry is a restaurant where you can go for a lunch, snacks, and a nice burger for dinner.

There is also plenty of musical entertainment. There are regular performances by promising young artists. And every Friday- and Saturday night the café changes into a cozy club. At Ferry’s everyone can relax and be themselves.

Opening hours + address Ferry Rotterdam on Google Maps

BONAPARTE, extravaganza gay and drag cafe

Bonaparte is initially a gay and drag cafe. The audience is very mixed. Whether you come in as a rocker, as a punker or in a very neat suit, everyone is welcome. In the red lighting, the plush wallpaper and the campy music you recognize some similarities with those typical Amsterdam pubs, you’ll find in the red-light district. At Bonaparte, staff members are working hard to create a peaceful atmosphere.

Gay and drag cafe Bonaparte is open all night long. When the city of Rotterdam closes its eyes and other cafés close their doors, the Bonaparte is still pleasantly busy. From the outside the bar seems closed, but ring the bell and you’ll be welcomed very warmly.

Opening hours + address Bonaparte on Google Maps

DE REGENBOOG, cozy disco bar and dance cafe

De Regenboog (the Rainbow) is always busy and vibrating. This is perhaps the most famous Rotterdam gay bar, pub and dance café. The music is mainly from the seventies, eighties and nineties. But also Eurovision SongContest evergreens are richly featured. In short: a musical mix you can’t ignore. Singing along is allowed! If you are a fan of singing, visit the infamous karaoke evening on Wednesdays.

You recognize the interior by lots of colored light and mirror balls. The music jumps from trendy to deliciously campy songs. Do you like crowds and a real disco inferno? Visit De Regenboog. The people who come here are of all ages, and they like to party. Gay and straight enjoy together here. The staff is always cheerful and smiling, tapping your beers, mixing your cocktails or pouring another drinks.

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STRANO, trendy gay bar

Strano is a trendy gay café with red leather sofas and walls with baroque details. Go out in style and enjoy ice cold beers or a tasty cocktails. The music varies from Top 40 to lounge and jazz music. Strano also regularly hosts parties, pre-parties and after-parties. Strano has become famous in the clubbing scene for a gay and gayfriendly audience.

The music ranges from top charts to jazzy lounge tunes. Strano serves delicious cocktails and hosts regular special events. A nice dance floor with video screens. provide an optimistic atmosphere. If you are looking for fun, nice company and small talk, Strano is a great address.

Opening hours + address Strano on Google Maps

DE KEERWEER, campy gay pub

This pub is very well known as the place where you can sink into the late night. Café de Keerweer is a gay melting pot for men and women. A bit tucked away in an anonymous small street, but nevertheless an extroverted place to meet like-minded people. A cafe that should certainly not be missing in our gay bar guide Rotterdam. Café De Keerweer is a gay bar that is already open at the end of the afternoon. But later in the evening it gets busy. There is always a party here. There are regular performances by famous Dutch singers.

De Keerweer is a bit of a campy joint, but the atmosphere is pleasant, cozy and cheerful. Here you will encounter a mixed pool of people who all have one thing in common: party! When most dance spots in Rotterdam close, the party starts in De Keerweer. Don’t expect a modern club atmosphere. Here cosiness and fussiness are ingredients for a great hospitality experience.

Opening hours + address De Keerweer on Google Maps

LOGE ’90, 70’s style pub

Loge ’90 is really a golden oldie gay bar. It’s always nice and busy. Everybody knows each other. Drinking beers, sipping cocktails, it’s all there. Loge ’90 mainly attracts a somewhat older group. But younger people also know where to find this nice cafe.

The openness of the cafe is reflected in the large windows and an attractive street terrace. Loge ’90 is best known for its happy hour on Sunday afternoons; well-visited by a mixed crowd. The snacks served around are an appreciated extra.

The interior is a 70s dance café style with a panther print carpet on the walls and colored and illuminated glass ornaments. It gives the café a typical Rotterdam cozy feel; definitely worth exploring. Good chance that you will come back regularly.

Opening hours + address Loge ’90 on Google Maps

WORM, eccentric hang-out

Is this a bar or a theater? It is not immediately clear what the Rotterdam WORM is. But don’t let that stop you, because this is precisely what makes this place stand out. WORM is an unpolished creative diamond, not only versatile, but also an inclusive place for diverse communities that are rich in Rotterdam (as in the rest of the world). The visitors’ guild consists of art geeks, rockers and casual hipsters. Call it a hang-out for open-minded eccentrics.

Once inside, you will find the Wunderbar, which serves a diverse selection of beers, non-alcoholic drinks and vegetarian snacks. There are many cozy corners to catch up with friends and have a drink. The unconventional design and details create a pasty atmosphere. WORM welcomes everyone. With this open approach, WORM has developed into a stage for a number of fantastic happenings, such as the famous Queer Klub Night. Really experiencing inclusiveness or just a good party? WORM serves you in a remarkable and surprising way.

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THE MOODS BAR, cruising cafe

The Moods Bar is a five-minute walk from the Rainbow, Strano and the rest of the city’s gay scene. Upon arrival, you store your belongings (yes, also your mobile phone) in one of the free lockers in the locker room, and hand in the key to your locker at the bartender. There is an attractive bar and a cruising area (upstairs). The Moods Bar is visited by a mixed audience.

After a drink at the bar, visitors can enjoy themselves in spacious showers, different dark rooms, communal mattresses and private cabins. And a cinema shows erotic films. The Moods Bar regularly organizes theme parties. But beware, The Moods Bar is not only aimed at the LGBTQ+ audience. Heteros, bisexuals, transvestites and crossdressers are also very welcome. So check the events agenda on their website before you go. There you can also read their strict house rules that you must be aware of in advance.

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We have a question for residents and anyone who visits Rotterdam more often. Do you miss certain bars in this overview? Let us know. We are happy to supplement this gay bars guide Rotterdam.