Gil ‘The Grid’ Gomes, ultimate dancer and choreographer

Dancer and choreographer Gil 'the Grid' GomesEvery now and then we would like to pay close attention to Rotterdam citizens, who really make a difference. Special people who add vivid colors to the palette of our city.

Rotterdam resident in the spotlight

A fully fledged city blog is more than architecture and attractions. Everyone knows a city doesn’t exist without notable people who contribute to the distinctive character of a metropole.
Gil ‘The Grid’ Gomes is one of them. He’s a young dancer, choreographer and DJ. He started in 2006 and soon got specialized in multiple contemporary dance styles. Seven years later Gil became Juste Debout Experimental World Champion’ 2013.
Gil 'the Grid' Gomes city blog

Hiphop, Popping, House and Modern dance

This talented guy from Rotterdam reveals himself as an inspirational choreographer who gives workshops throughout Europe. He is increasing popularity for his creative and innovative ways of expression through dance and music, using influences from Hiphop, Popping, House, and Modern dance.

Watch this video and you’ll know why we think Gil deserves to be in the spotlight.