Hollands most expensive penthouse

Penthouse on top floor of 'De Rotterdam' building
Curious as we are, we wanted to know where in the Netherlands the most expensive apartment/penthouse is for sale.

Amsterdam seemed the most logical place. Since their real estate prices for years are higher than in the rest of the country. Even while the economy is still struggling, the Amsterdam real estate proves itself as first again to wrestle on top. Therefore we were surprised when we discovered that the most expensive penthouse actually is in Rotterdam!

High-end penthouse
On top of the newly opened building ‘De Rotterdam’ and designed by OMA/RemKoolhaas, this penthouse is for sale for 3.4 million euros. Casco! The price will be easy over 4 million after the establishment. The intention was to divide the top floor in 3 residential units. But with little interest as a result. So they chose to maintain the total area for just one (!) high-end penthouse. As a buyer the whole top floor is at your disposal. That’s 750 square meters of living space and also another 70 sqm terrace.

Hollands most expensive penthouse
artist impression

Spectacular view
Funny enough, a few months ago we did a tour in this live/work combined building. On the top floor we took a few awesome pictures, which show you the spectacular view from Hollands most expensive penthouse. But if you think this apartment is absurdly priced, take a trip to the Mediterranean sea. In Monaco you find an extravagant apartment that’s another ten times as expensive. So in short, everything is relative! Anyway, we think this one in Rotterdam is still a good second choice.

Update (15/01/21) If you are interested, you are too late. The penthouse has been sold to an American couple. They bought the 44th floor for 3.4 million euros. For the inner construction and furnishing they paid an additional 1.5 million.

Top floor view 'The Rotterdam"