iPhone 6 and unexpected cookies

Blog about iPhone 6 and cookies at the Urban Bakery RotterdamRotterdam is a city full of places of interest, that are frequently in the spotlight. Nationally and internationally. And the number of noteworthy places is still growing. Even as residents we can barely keep up to visit them all.

Trendy city bakery

Besides the growing number of featured places in Rotterdam, there are also the unexpected ones. Locations we bump into accidentally. Like last Friday, when we had to visit the municipal desk in our city district, to renew a passport. A few steps away we discovered Urban Bakery Rotterdam, a trendy city bakery selling hand-made cakes, bread, cupcakes and sweets. The company is located in the Hofbogen, the former Hofplein Railway viaduct, that nowadays is a trendy workspace for progressive entrepeneurs.

iPhone 6, Sony RX100 II and Canon G12 competition

Driven by curiosity, we entered the open bakery, located in two Hofbogen arches near the Bergweg. A delicious smell of freshly baked cakes and cookies greeted us. We opted for coffee and some hand made scones, cream and jam. We didn’t bring our usual camera’s, but we felt the need to capture this cozy place in a blog.
Fortunately, we brought our new iPhone 6 with us. So we had to find out whether its camera is suitable for our blog photography. Would it be able to compete successfully with our Sony DSC-RX100 II and Canon Powershot G12 cameras? Well, judge for yourself, but we are not dissatisfied at all.

Delicious buttercream hazelnut cookies

What an unexpected and pleasant break it was. A tasty way to do some camera research. We enjoyed our treats, the relaxed atmosphere and the friendly service. The buttercream hazelnut cookies that came with our coffees were absolute delicious, so we bought two bags. Urban Bakery in the Bergpolder district is definitely worth a detour every now and then. That’s for sure.

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Opening days & hours: Tuesday – Saturday 9.00 – 18.00

Owner Miriam Staffhorst about Urban Bakery Rotterdam (English spoken).