Rotterdam Fenixloods hosts intriguing art exhibition

No Walls Expo ArtworkArtists often align themselves in their own studios, but curator Bob Smit invites them to show their works in a new and larger context, to a wider audience.

The Netherlands-Flanders Year 2015

No Walls Expo is organized by Bob’s ‘Field of Dreams’ foundation, known for initiating multiple editions of the RAW Art Fair (nowadays called Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair). This unconventional exhibition is part of the celebration of The Netherlands-Flanders Year 2015, and underlines the absence of cultural barriers between the two neighboring countries. That’s what Bob explained to us last Thursday, when we brought the exhibition an early visit. Although there was still a lot of work to be done, he insisted to tell us the story behind this event, where Belgian and Dutch artists exhibit together.

Sculptures and installations

To create a sparkling interaction, art works of young talents will be exposed next to the works of established artists. The 1st floor contains a variety of video works, the ground floor contains sculptures and installations. This exhibition exclusively shows art works for which no walls are needed, compiled like trees in a dark forest. Displayed on 10,000 sqm they reinforce eachother. Together they tell a larger and more immersive story that is constantly changing, depending on the direction of your movement.

Willem de Kooning Academy student

During the almost two hours we talked to Bob (thanks for the beers, man!), we got to know him as a frank and enthusiastic young man, driven by ambition and not afraid to take risks. As a former student of the Willem de Kooning Academy he chose to work as an art organizer rather than a creator.
No Walls Expo is robust and unpolished, shows courage, and is anything but mainstream. We like to call this new exhibition an intriguing prelude to the Art Rotterdam Week (a big art event that will be held from February 4 to 8, 2015), that should not be missed.

No Walls Expo can be seen at the Fenixloods 1. Until February 17, 2015.

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No Walls Expo Photo 10
NO WALLS EXPO initiator/director Bob Smit and colleague.

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