Noodles, spring rolls and… insects!

Rotterdam City Blog header - Asia aan de MaasThree days full of art, shopping and food. The last weekend of May, the event ‘Op z’n Rotterdams’ (‘The Rotterdam Way’) takes place for the first time.

Cultural food experience

Five Rotterdam hotspots (Koopgoot, Markthal, Kruiskade, Grotekerkplein and Binnenwegplein) are connected by a special cultural route. Along this route various activities like art, culture, fashion, dance, music and food are organized.

Giving you a complete impression of this event would be an impossible task for us. So we decided to restrict ourselves to a cultural food experience at the Grotekerkplein. This cozy square, situated in front of the Laurenskerk, is renamed ‘Asia along the Meuse’ for this weekend.
While we opted for some great pancakes, noodles and spring rolls, we watched people eating… mealworms and locusts! Although we understand, eating insects is slowly gaining ground, we decided to let it pass. Maybe next time! (Don’t think so).
Curious? Enjoy our video registration and pictures below.