Pokémon Go events Rotterdam

Pokémon Go hunt Rotterdam
Rotterdam fans of the popular Pokémon Go game, join the parties!

Pokémon Go tips & tricks exchange

The world has gone mad! The smartphone game Pokémon Go is a massive summer hype. Like the rest of the globe, in Rotterdam more and more players are searching for those familiar game creatures.
Meanwhile many people exchange tips and tricks online. Lots of ‘PoGo’ Facebook events have been set up the past few weeks. To exchange knowledge. Or to meet in real life, so they continue their hunt together. The more, the merrier!

Pokemon Go smartphone app

Nintendo Game Boy memories

For those who don’t know what this hype is all about: the new Pokémon Go smartphone app let players hunt small creatures in the real world. In this so-called augmented reality game colorful critters can be found and caught via GPS.
Worldwide, it became a smashing hit within days. Who could have imagined, this game would be played so fanatical again after 20 years. The first edition appeared in 1996. Back then it was played on a Nintendo Game Boy. Oh, those good old days, hahaha!

Pokemon go game

Ultimate guide to Pokémon Go

QZ.com (a popular online business news platform) put together a list of helpful instructions to play the game successfully. The list contains basically everything you need to know about the player, catching, training, Pokéstops, gyms, and battling. So go outside and catch ’em all!

Events information tools

  • Pokémon GO x Rotterdam
    July 16th
    Start time: 13.00, Museumpark
    Facebook event
  • Pokémon Battle Rotterdam
    August 4th
    Start time 19:45 (sign up 19:00 – 19:45), Central Station square
    Facebook event
  • Pokémon Go Diergaarde Blijdorp (Rotterdam Zoo)
    August 6th
    Start time: 10:00 (till 17:00), Rotterdam Zoo (entrance ticket required!)
    Facebook event
  • Rotterdam Pokémon Go Marathon
    August 12th
    Start time 14.30, Vroesenpark
    Facebook event
  • Pokémon Go for Erasmus University students
    August 15th – August 18th
    Start time: 14:00
    Facebook event

We’ll keep you posted on more Pokémon Go events to come. Have fun.