A powerful ode right from the heart

Already seen this video a couple of times, but still we’re very impressed by this black and white footage. Check this powerful and devoted ode to the city of Rotterdam, right from the heart.

The voice over is in Dutch, but you can find an English translation below.

I have a question for you. But where do I start in a city with so many languages and faces.
Here it doesn’t matter where you come from. There is only one rule, when you live here, you’re proud of it.
The old lines, the colors, the greyness, the bridges of steel and concrete.
Once, we saw them for the first time. Some of us three generations back, some recently.
What makes this city special. And what makes this place different from all other cities.
The high towers, abandoned warehouses, ports? Or the streets, memories, those who are no longer with us.
Rotterdam lives, breathes and moves.
Some people say it is a city without a heart. Okay, we know what it is to lose all hope, but a city without a heart?
What do they know of rubble clean ups, strong shoulders. What do they know about pushing boundaries, real friendship and loyalty.
The die-hards, entrepreneurs, artists, athletes. Silent heroes, mothers, longshoreman and marketmen.
We swear and we complain, but we know exactly how it is to start all over. Roll up our sleeves, go ahead.
A city without a heart? Give me a break. This city does have a heart. Watch how much heart this city has.
Do you know how many goods we carry to the hinterland. No heart in Rotterdam? This is the only place where we belong. Our ideas and ambitions grow and grow. Here we follow our dreams. Together we are… the heart of Rotterdam.