Rauwkost, Rotterdam culinary season kick off

Rotterdam Rauwkost food festivalThe first weekend of october 2015, Rotterdam culinary season starts with a mouth-watering food festival.

Delicious dishes

Two days in a row (3 & 4 october), top chefs prepare their signature dishes. Today, we visited the first day of the festival. We had a great time tasting a lot of different, delicious dishes. Top chefs revealing their culinary skills, is always a pleasure to witness. Afraid that making notes about these delicacies would distract our attention, we decided to take some pictures instead. Enjoy.

Rotterdam culinary classification

According to Tripadvisor ‘best restaurants in Rotterdam’, restaurant Zeezout (seafood cuisine) is the number 1. But there are at least 654 other restaurants in our hometown. So there’s plenty of choice for the upcoming season!
Check this video for some extra inspiration.

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Opening hours Rauwkost food festival

  • Saturday 3 october: 15:00 uur – 23:00 uur
  • Sunday 4 october: 14:00 uur – 22:00 uur

Location Groothandelgebouw on Google Maps