Are you a real metropolitan? Take the test.

Blog about 'Are you a real metropolitan' testLiving in big cities is becoming very popular. More and more people like having a place downtown. Figure out if city life fits you. Are you a real metropolitan?
Cities are becoming more consistent with how people want to live. They offer instant access to work, leisure, food and friends. But in return, you must be willing to sacrifice your car and backyard.
City living is a different way of life, a different kind of convenience and mobility.

Test yourself if you’re a genuine city dweller

Answer the five questions below and within 2 minutes you will know!

1. City life architecture

The future of a city depends on an elaborate vision for years. But let’s be honest, the icing on the cake is a regular cooperation with world-renowned architects. As in Rotterdam, for example, where already many famous architects were asked to build. Rem Koolhaas/OMA  designed ‘De Rotterdam’, ‘Calypso’ was drawn up by William Alsop and ‘Toren op Zuid’ was designed by Renzo Piano. Sir Norman Foster was responsible for ‘World Port Center’ and Álvaro Siza conceived ‘New Orleans’.

City Life - Architects Q1
> How many names of architects who have built in your city, do you know by heart?

  • Give yourself 1 point for every well remembered architect.

2. City life diversity

A big city is of course more than a display of high end architecture, slick design and luxury brands. Everyday hangouts, coffee shops, gyms and fish & chips stalls are part of it too. And metropoles are melting pots that include hundreds of different nationalities. Variety is the spice of life, they say.

City life - diversity small
> Does this exhilarating mix of people, businesses and attractions make you feel comfortable?

  • Yes, yes, yes, no doubt about it!!  = 3 points
  • Sure, as long as it doesn’t bother me = 2 points
  • Uh, let me think… = 1 points
  • Absolutely not! = – 3 points

3. City life common spaces

When it comes to housing, most people like lots of living space. It gives them a feeling of luxury and comfort. But big city space is expensive, most of the times. Think about it, what do you really need?
Most necessities you find within one or two miles radius, so your house is mainly for basic needs.
In cities like New York and London, architects are specialized in designing interiors for apartments no larger than 15 to 20 square meters.

City Life - Common Spaces Q3
> How much living space (per person) do you need?

  • Less than 20 square meters = 4 points
  • 20-40 square meter = 3 points
  • 40-60 square meters = 2 points
  • 60 or more square meters = 1 point

4. City life public transport

To own a car in a city is often inconvenient and expensive. Buying or renting a private parking lot increases your monthly costs significantly. Fortunately, almost every major city has a well-organized metro-, tram- and bus system. And most likely, you can also take a train to an airport within a reasonable distance. So, hop on the bus, Gus.

City Life - Public Transport Q4
> Are you willing to give up your car?

  • Who says I have a car?  = 5 points
  • Well, if I really have to = 3 points
  • Are you crazy, you never see me using public transport = 0 points

5. City life investments

Living downtown is comfortable and well organized. But prices of the houses/apartments are correspondingly high. People looking for value for money (and for a bit of financial adventure) should better find some upcoming neighborhoods that are nominated for revitalization.
Stay alert when you visit that new trendy restaurant, or pub everybody is talking about. Fresh popular hangouts often are the first signs, a district is on the rise.

City Life - Investments Q5
> What neighborhood in your favorite city may look forward, to be the hippest one in town?

  • No idea. By the way, I hope this is the last question = 0 points
  • I do know one, but I’m not interested = 1 point
  • You ask me 1? I know 3.  = 2 points
  • I’m moving soon to a new trendy neighborhood. I can’t wait = 3 points

Real metropolitan – test results

Less than 3 point
Ask yourself whether you become real happy in a big city. It’s probably better to live in the suburbs of a metropole, where you’ll find a small village mentality. There you will experience peace and quiet and the space you need.

3-10 points
You can try your luck in a big city. You are capable to do so. The city gives you energy, but exhausts you at the same time. You have to go outdoors every now and then, to catch your breath. A good balance is important.

11 points or more
It is obvious, living in a metropole suits you. You’re a genuine city dweller. You clearly love an urban vibe, or rather you really need that vibe.  Even if you are on a vacation, you probably visit other major cities. Diving into the busy life, is your motto. Yes, you are a real metropolitan. No doubt about it. Congratulations!