Rotterdam, best European city 2015

Best European City to live in Award 2015The best city in Europe to live in is…. Rotterdam. That’s what the British Academy of Urbanism announced Friday, November 14th, 2014.

City of tolerance & innovative architecture

Our hometown received the Urbanism Award 2015 leaving rivals like Aarhus (Denmark) and Turin (Italy) behind us. Steven Bee, chairman of the Academy, praised the strong leadership of mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb and commented:The city has a young, open, tolerant community that embraces innovative architecture, urban design and new business models. The strategy is to attract families and businesses to the city center with houses, excellent public transport and a vibrant public space.

The Urbanism Awards for Best Place, Best Area, Best Street and Best Spot stayed in Great Britain. So we can be very proud of this award.

Best City To Live In