Rotterdam shows improved image

Graphical representation of RotterdamThe British Academy of Urbanism may have proclaimed Rotterdam as Europe’s best city to live in, but what is the opinion of the city residents themselves?

Comfortable living in Rotterdam

These are the first results of an annual survey. The survey consists of statements about the image of the city.
93% of the respondents find it pleasant to live here. Many of them say Rotterdam has an attractive center, an international character and many cultural opportunities.
59% of the respondents find Rotterdam a city with lots of greenery.

graphical representation of first results monitor 2015

Safe and family-friendly city

Compared to last year, all statements about the image of Rotterdam are answered more positive. The statement about Rotterdam as a family-friendly city showed the greatest difference; from 52% in 2014 to 60% in 2015. Also the feeling that Rotterdam is a safe place to live, has been further increased.
Only 12% of the citizens would prefer to live in another city.
Family having picknick in Rotterdam park

It is obvious, Rotterdam’s image has been further improved. Something the British Academy of Urbanism already foresaw.
These are only the first results of the research. So, we will keep you informed.