Sparkling Rotterdam South Bank

Rotterdam South Bank city developmentsRotterdam blooms. Rotterdam grows, as never before. The city expands further and further. Mainly towards its former harbour area: the Rotterdam South Bank.

New Rotterdam South Bank momentum

Until a few years ago, the Nieuwe Maas river was a natural city border for most residents of the North Bank (and for tourists!). But that is past tense.
In this southern city area many interesting developments take place. After first revitalizing the Wilhelmina Pier, now the Katendrecht district is on the rise. The Rotterdam South Bank definitely has gained a new momentum. Watching the future plans for the entire area, we can speak of an exciting progress.

Rotterdam South Bank city development

‘Best in Travel 2016’ reasons

Would Rotterdam have gotten a Lonely Planet recognition, without its attractions below the river? Would it be called ‘one of Europe’s most exhilarating cities right now’? Who can tell.
Southern venues like the ‘Art Nouveau showpiece Hotel New York‘, the ‘hit pumpin’ club Maassilo‘, and the ‘vertical city De Rotterdam‘ proved to be special reasons for Lonely Planet’s ‘Best in Travel 2016’ appreciation. That’s for sure.

Vertical city De Rotterdam part of the South Bank area

Clinton Library icon

Redeveloping an area is more than creating an ensemble of beautiful buildings and picturesque restaurants. That is why mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb pleads for a strong combination of education, employment, and housing.
One of his South Bank visions is a Clinton Library-like city icon. A major attractive building, with a great significance for the people who live there.

Young generations embracing Rotterdam South Bank

Younger generations embracing the sparkle

The Rotterdam South Bank is a great source of new city developments. Especially younger generations already embraced the sparkle of the South. They enhance the optimistic atmosphere. This unique part of the city deserves a lot of attention. With great pleasure, we will blog about the South Bank frequently, the coming years.

The Nieuwe Maas is not a dividing line anymore. In our opinion, nowadays the river is like city super glue. Ceaselessly connecting two vibrant parts of Rotterdam.

Tourist information tools

Club Maassilo, Hotel New York, and De Rotterdam on Google Maps.

Wilhelmina Pier part of Rotterdam South Bank