Rotterdam Top 10 city? Huh, who said so?

Rotterdam top 10 city? At least most citizens feel like it. Rotterdam is in a short list of excelling world cities. A recognition that we welcome most warmly, of course! But why?

Metropolis Magazine lauds Rotterdam

We do not yet stand on the victory podium, yet. But Rotterdam is one of the better cities in the world to live, according to Metropolis Magazine. To be called “excelling in key areas”, gives us a real Rotterdam Top 10 city feeling. Okay, we’re a little biased, but read on and see if you do agree.

Metropolis Magazine examines contemporary life through architecture, planning, design, crafts and preservation. This year, editors again ranked the best cities to live, work, and play in. Toronto, Tokyo and Helsinki top the list.

Rotterdam top 10 city, for its sustainability.

New ways of living together

Our hometown is in the list for sustainability. A few years ago, Rotterdam started to implement some radical changes; some harbor activities were moved away from the city area. This port relocation project created new ways of living together. In simple terms: less industry, more livability.

The changes also include an extensive heat-sharing infrastructure and a well-established green roof program. Last but not least, city’s mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb encourages a lot of progressive initiatives, especially in water management.

This way Rotterdam’s sustainability has become of high and distinctive value.

Rotterdam top 10 city, or at least one of the better ones to live in.

Hong Kong, Melbourne, Singapore

There are seven other cities in The World’s Most Livable Cities list, for excelling in key areas.

The second most populous city in Australia, Melbourne, offers its inhabitants great infrastructure. All amenities are within short distance. New buildings are erected near public transport to serve a growing population. So people are always close to what they need.

Hong Kong is in the list, because this autonomous territory on the southern coast of China has reinvented itself. It changed from an administrative region to a respected international hub. Improving cultural life for its residents, consistently.

Rotterdam is a top 10 city, together with Hong Kong City

Singapore is mentioned, because of changing basic public houses into high quality, designed complexes for low- and middle-income residents.
Although many big cities struggle to house their growing urban populations, over 80 percent of the Singaporean population lives in public housing.

Like Singapore, Rotterdam is a top 10 city according to Metropolis Magazine.

Rotterdam top 10 city battle

The list is completed by Indianapolis, Copenhagen, Medellín and Pittsburgh.
In order to compete Toronto, Tokyo and Helsinki, Rotterdam will have to further improve housing, amenities, connectivity, and ‘pleasures’. Besides continuing a convincing sustainability, of course.

We can not sit back and relax. To continue our position as Rotterdam Top 10 city, we have to beat the best. “You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it!”, Margareth Thatcher once said. But at least let us enjoy this beautiful Metropolis Magazine recognition.