Sevdaliza conquers the world

Sevdaliza music videos full of surreal accessories and outfits
Undoubtedly, she is the most eyecatching Rotterdam artist of the moment: Sevda Alizadeh, better known as Sevdaliza.

Love, sex and pain

Welcome to the mysterious world of musician Sevdaliza. She is a Rotterdam-based singer/producer, making experimental, electronic music. Her unmistakable sound could best be described as raw, dark and minimal.
Love, sex and pain are her themes for inspiration, as she says herself. Musically she is inspired by artists like D’Angelo, Kurt Cobain, and Janet Jackson.

Sevdaliza photographed in silver jacket

‘That Other Girl’

Rotterdam is increasingly profiling as an international city for new businesses and talents. More and more young artists emerge from significant music scenes. Sevdaliza is certainly one of them.
She likes living in Rotterdam. Because of its industrial and raw character and lots of different influences to choose from, she told in an interview.

A few years ago she began as a Dutch MC. But that period is far behind her. Her EP ‘The Suspended Kid’ and her latest video ‘That Other Girl’ show another powerful step into a promising future.

Sevdaliza music videos of great distinction

Check Sevdaliza’s Youtube Channel for distinctive videoclips like ‘Clear Air’, ‘Sirens of the Caspian’, ‘Backseat Love’ and ‘The Suspended Kid’. Due to these clips she caught a lot of international attention, already.
Several of her releases were picked up by major international blogs such as Complex, Pitchfork, Factmag, and The Fader. Strongly convinced that music and fashion merge, she featured in Vogue for designer Alexander Wang.

Sevdaliza music videos full of surreal accessories and outfits

Surreal accessories and outfits

We like to watch Sevdaliza music videos, because of her unconventional art creations. Her latest one, ‘That Other Girl’, is intriguing and confusing at the same time. Visual art duo ‘Pussycrew’ used a 3D scanning technology to create a plastic world, full of surreal accessories and outfits.

This song again is a demonstration of great artistry. No doubt, Sevdaliza is slowly heading for a long and respected international career.