Sijf, popular café in Art Deco ambiance

Rotterdam City Blog café SIJF
Oude Binnenweg, a small, cozy shopping street, is famous for its traditional pubs like Timmer, de Stamgast, Melief Bender and… Sijf.

Living room of Rotterdam

Sitting outside, you have a perfect view at the shoppers in the street and people sitting opposite on other terraces. Inside it’s a bit dark at first. Your eyes have to get used to the dim light, when you enter the pub. But do not fear, the friendly staff will make you feel at home, right away.
Just sit down, relax and enjoy this vintage Art Deco interior. Now you understand why Sijf sometimes is called the ‘living room’ of Rotterdam.

café restaurant Sijf art deco interior

Students, businessmen and tourists

Although some of the Oude Binnenweg pubs are mainly focused on older citizens, Sijf is a popular bar and restaurant for shoppers, students, businessmen and tourists. We think this is because of a comprehensive beer list (at least thirty different beers!) and a fairly inexpensive lunch/diner menu, which is ideal for visitors who have less money to spend.

Real Rotterdam city café

The last time we visited Sijf for lunch, we enjoyed real Rotterdam croquettes with bread & mustard and a club sandwich with chicken, egg, bacon & chips. Nothing fancy, just straight forward flavorful dishes, accompanied by two good glasses of beer. This pub is far from uptight and hectic; it is a perfect place to spend some quality time in a relaxed atmosphere.
That’s why we like to call Sijf a real Rotterdam city café.

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