Luchtsingel walkway, urban artery across town

Luchtsingel walkway RotterdamJust another bridge? Nope. The Luchtsingel walkway is a 390 meter wooden structure with a very special purpose. One you would not expect at first.

Urban-life boost

A few years in a row, inhabitants were given the opportunity to present energizing projects. Projects that enriche the quality of Rotterdam urban life. Each year, the town council promised a financial contribution for the best proposal.
The ‘Luchtsingel’ (translated: ‘elevated walkway’) came out as favorite among locals. This eye catching structure got 48% of the citizen’s votes.

Luchtsingel walkway across streets and railways in the heart of Rotterdam.

From neglected to reconnected

The winning project came from architects collective ZUS, Zones Urbaines Sensibles. They believe, every place has the potential to become thrilling and unique.
Their proposal was focused on the revitalization of a forgotten Rotterdam urban area. A central part of the city, that for years was dominated by neglection and vacancy.

Prior to the election, the Luchtsingel was already in progress as a crowdfunding project. Individuals and companies bought shelves to support this initiative. Those planks were actually used in the final construction. With the names of the sponsors notable engraved.

Luchtsingel walkway, constructed from yellow painted, engraved shelves.

Rotterdam business trigger

Besides functioning as a connector, the Luchtsingel walkway has another great value. Businesses in the immediate area get a nice upgrade. It is a perfect trigger for new developments. The bridge proves itself as a catalyst for economic success. It certainly has made a good contribution to some new Rotterdam urban highlights.
Like the Hofbogen for example. Once a railway viaduct, now a popular Rotterdam urban shelter for dozens of entrepreneurs.

Luchtsingel walkway, great Rotterdam place of interest for citizens and tourists.

Luchtsingel Instagram magnet

In the meantime, the Luchtsingel walkway has become a place of interest itself. The yellow walkway is a real attraction for citizens and tourists. It already has been photographed by thousands of people.
Check the hashtag #Luchtsingel on Instagram for a collage of images, that instantly make you happy. At least that is how we feel, watching those bright colored pictures.

Rotterdam tourist information tools

Luchtsingel walkway on Google Maps.

Luchtsingel walkway, bright yellow pedestrian bridge crossing the city.