Rotterdam Week at World Expo 2015 in Milan

World Expo 2015 logo combined with Rotterdam image
The second week of June, The Dutch Pavilion at the World Expo 2015 in Milan will be taken over by Rotterdam.

Mushrooms on coffee

Besides various presentations, lectures and seminars, the Dutch Pavilion will present two exhibitions during the Rotterdam Week (June 8-14). City farmer RotterZwam will demonstrate how to grow mushrooms on coffee grounds. The exhibition of Sugu Club will introduce a new, modern Rotterdam manufacturing industry.
Furthermore there is a robot arm that will print 3D windowsill kitchen gardens, and designer Susan Bijl will show her sustainable solution for the waste involved, when using platic shopping bags for every single purpose.

Dutch Pavilion World Expo 2015 in Milan

Green machine

The region around Rotterdam can easily be called the horticultural center of the world, characterized by innovation, sustainability and entrepreneurship. The latest innovations and sustainable developments in technology, (international) trade, energy, food and water originate in this area.
To experience some of the results, the international press gets a flavorful tasting, offered by Dutch Cuisine.

Fruit growing on ceiling

The Force of Holland

The port of Rotterdam is gateway to a European market of 500 million consumers. Annually 9 million tons of fresh produce are transported to Rotterdam, and 15 million tons are exported. Therefore our city is the second largest exporter of the world! Goods are not only transported over here, but also processed by using the latest techniques.

People inside the Dutch Pavilion World Expo 2015

World Expo Rotterdam 2025

Showing large and small initiatives in food production and logistics, and meeting interesting business partners are most important. But there is certainly another reason to be present at the World Expo 2015. In Milan, Rotterdam will reinforce the ambition, to be the host of World Expo in 2025. And this is why.

However, there are many competitors. Already, several cities have been discussed as possible hosts for Expo 2025. If we want to bring the Expo to Rotterdam, we probably have to beat cities like Guangzhou (China), Osaka (Japan), Houston (USA), San Francisco (USA), London (UK), Paris (France), Johannesburg (South Africa), Tehran (Iran), and Toronto (Canada).

Our only comment to this exciting ambition is: bring it on, we are ready for it!