Inspiring young entrepreneurs pop-up platform

Young entrepreneurs pop-up platform window shopAn empty building, no budget, a strong network and just one month to create a notable pop-up project, that’s the main idea.

Business ingenuity and creativity

Intrigued by the press release, we visited ‘Hof’, three young entrepreneurs organizing as many cultural events as possible. In just one month! Who are these young people, turning everything upside down, to pop for just 31 days?
Although they were still busy decorating, founders Daniel Verschoor en Ruben Leufkens introduced us to their project. Besides having a lot of fun, they like to inspire other young entrepreneurs by their ingenuity and creativity.

Young entrepreneurs platform initiators Dorine, Daniel, Ruben

Take a seat and relax

This temporary project offers a mix of art, music, workshops and products. Special activities will be organized like yoga classes for example, a roller disco, and a classical concert.
Besides things to do, there is also a lot to see. The work of young designers and artists will be exhibited in the building. Visitors can come in every day to participate. Or just to relax, drink a cup of coffee, eat a sandwich or homemade cake.

Young entrepreneurs sign board at Stadhuisplein

Young entrepreneurs creating a city vibe

For all participants, ‘Hof’ is great way to stand out and get a lot of experience and attention. We asked what will happen after this month, but they couldn’t really tell. Daniel has to take some time off to write his thesis, he told us. A sequel to this young entrepreneurs pop-up platform somewhere else down town, would be a possibility. We really do hope so. Projects like this, give a great vibe to the city.

‘Hof’ is a place where visitors find different things to see or to do, each time they come around. This unique open platform is boosted by passionate young entrepreneurs, in collaboration with a large dedicated network.
They all deserve a big round of applause. Hear, hear!

Visitors information tools

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